5 Most Famous Contemporary Painters

The most famous contemporary painters are Monet, Renoir, Chippendale, Monet again, and Impressionists. The Impressionist period is very different from the Classical and Victorian periods, where painters were more interested in portraying nature’s beauty than making a lasting impression on the viewer.

Today, the Impressionists have become more famous and you can visit art galleries to see their artworks, and they are the following:

1. Paul Cezanne

Today, one of the most famous contemporary painters is Paul Cezanne, also known as Cezanne, or just Chippendale. He was interested in art at the Academy of Fine Arts, and then he began working for Jacques-Louis David at the prestigious Paris Salon. After David’s death, he decided to take over his studio, and thus, Chippendale was born.

However, Chippendale has evolved into an art form entirely of its own, and his works continue to amaze everyone.

2. Mark Rothko

Another important painter of the Modern Period is Mark Rothko, a famous Abstract Expressionist. Rothko’s paintings are the work of great talent.

Rothko was born in Brooklyn, New York and his parents worked as immigrants. He was always interested in painting and soon became very well-known among his peers, who thought him to be one of the best. After Rothko left school, he moved to New York and found work in galleries and museums, but soon he left them all and went to live in Russia, where he studied under Alexander Borodin.

There, Mark Rothko found an even greater appreciation for the Abstract Expressionist style, and his paintings became even more prominent in the world of art. Rothko’s style can be described as Expressionist, Post Impressionist, Cubism, and Impressionism. His works are not painted traditionally, he prefers to use abstract forms and colors to give the depth and dimension of his works.

Rothko also used different media, including oil on canvas and pencil on paper.

3. Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh, also known as Vincent Bouguereau, is another prominent painter who lived during the time of the Impressionists. Van Gogh was a famous Romantic painter who loved nature, but Vincent Van Gogh painted more pictures of emotion. His works were highly-detailed, with bright, bold colors and unique styles.

To understand Vincent Van Gogh’s work’s significance, it’s essential to take a look at the work he did in The Starry Night, which depicts the night sky. The Starry Night, in fact, is one of his best-known pieces, and perhaps his masterpiece. It still inspires viewers to this day, as it has become a favorite of many artists.

4. Paul Gaultier

Paul Gaultier is a French painter well-known for his bold, colorful paintings. He’s considered to be one of the best contemporary painters alive today. One of his most famous works is the Futurist series.
This series of paintings is often called “The Dance of the Hours,” because they have a very consistent look throughout each painting’s duration.

Also, the first painting that comes to mind when one thinks of Gaultier is his mother’s portrait.

Another of Paul Gaultier’s best-selling works is the Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. This painting was made in the early 1950s, and it was inspired by the real-life story of the Marquise de Polignac, a noblewoman who died young at a French court. This painting has a very beautiful, elegant feel about it, and the style is something that can not easily be imitated by anyone else.

5. Linda Elkowitz

Linda Elkowitz is another well-known contemporary painter. Her works are typically created with a variety of materials and different styles. Her paintings feature vibrant colors and bright, unusual shapes. Her works often depict people and things from around the world, so she is quite versatile in her style.

For a famous painting, Linda Elkowitz’ The Waterfall in the Mist shows water falling onto a dark green background. She uses a mixture of water, red and black, to create this dramatic effect and unusual colors, like purple and blue. The main subject is the mist that flows from a fountain and is created by an unseen yet powerful force.


Famous contemporary painters are people who are well known for their art and are considered to be essential and influential in modern art. Their paintings may not necessarily include anything that a traditional painting would. However, these paintings still reflect an individual’s style and personal taste.
Some of the most popular contemporary artists’ paintings have become extremely popular and are now considered by many to be classics in their own right.